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Ninaipathellam - Nenjil oru aalayam


Movie: Nenjil oru aalayam
Year of release: 1962
Director: C.V. Sridhar
Music: Viswanathan - Ramamurthy
Lyrics: Kannadasan
Singer: P.B. Srinivas
Starcast: Kalyana Kumar, Devika, Muthu raman


ninaipathellam nadanthuvittal
dheivam yedhumillai
nadanthathaiye ninaiththirundhaal
amaidhi yenrumillai
mudindha kadhai thodarvadhillai
iraivan yettinile
thodarntha kadhai mudivadhillai
manidhan veettinile


aayiram vaasal idhayam adhil
aayiram ennangal udhayam
yaaro varuvaar yaaro iruppaar
varuvadhum povathum theriyaadhu
oruvar mattum kudiyirundhal
thunbam yedhumillai
ondrirukka onru vandhaal
yenrum amaidhiyillai


enge vazhkkai thodangum adhu
enge evvidam mudiyum
idhudhaan paadhai idhudhaan payanam
yenbadhu yaarukkum theriyaadhu
paadhaiyellaam maarivarum
payanam mudindhuvidum
maaruvadhai purindhu kondaal
mayakkam thelindhuvidum


Translation of the song:

If all your thoughts become reality, there is no God!
If you keep thinking about what already happened, there will never be peace of mind!
A concluded story does not continue in God’s books!
A continued story does not end, in a man’s house!

A heart with thousand gates, in it rise a thousand thoughts
Someone comes, someone goes… their comings and goings never noticed
If just one inhabits inside, there is no suffering
While the one stays, if another comes in, there will be never be peace of mind

Where life begins, where and how it ends,
this is the path, this is the journey… no one knows
The paths keep changing and finally the journey ends
if the changes are understood, then one becomes sober

This is the translation (as near as it can be for me) of a famous tamil song “Ninaipathellam Nadanthu vittaal” from the movie “Nenjil oru Aalayam”.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the lyrics.. This is an all time favorite and evergreen song of my choice... thanks again.

sajevenis said...

Many Thanks,

You have spent a quality time in translating near to perfection, on a song that is worth the effort that you have put - to help people like me to know the meaning of the song and to enjoy the song on the Internet.

sanakyan said...

enna pattu sir ...................theriyuma ithoda records!!!!

R.Seshan said...

Great meaningful lyrics, lovely composition, sung simply with subtle embellishments which I am only noticing now...nearly 50 years after I first heard it

Raghunath Pillai said...

Thanks.Had been trying to find the meaning of this melodious Tamil number.

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